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If you have good Coffee places in Vienna, you have great breakfast places in Berlin!

...don't be alarmed, I am not about to give you the infamous "Schrippenpredigt" (a lecture by the local bakerman if you order the classic breadrolls in Berlin by using their wrong name). But I have noticed that other citys in Berlin do not have quite the knack for the luxurious breakfasts and brunches you get in Berlin. Take Munich, for example...it was awful a couple of years ago...and even elsewhere, you just get the usual "smallbreakfastsweetbreakfastfrenchbreakfastcheeseplatter" and that's it. Bores me stiff. Horrible. Arguably, Berlin has many prospects for him who gets up early and is willing to do some research. And it is my job to help you with that!
20.10.13 20:45

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